Trucking companies having difficulty filling open positions

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Trucking companies having difficulty filling open positions

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Trucking companies are having a hard time filling truck driver positions.

The IRU, an international supply chain group, says they’re reporting driver shortages around the world.

Stagnant wages, safety concerns, and uncertainty have contributed to the shortage.

Some employers are now willing to pay big bucks to those willing to strap in for the long haul.

Drivers News 5 spoke to alongside Interstate 81, say finding those who want to work can be challenging.

“As far as it being a hard time getting into the trucking industry, I don’t think it is,” says Pierre Bovil, an independent trucker. “I just think there’s a lot of people that do not want to get into the trucking industry because they don’t want to leave their families and friends in the environment that they’re in.”

The survey reports companies are also having a hard time recruiting young drivers and women.

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